One aspect of Michael’s busy schedule is attending the Hull Heritage Open Days programme each year at which he was presented the award of “Most Unusual or Original Event Contribution” by British Heritage. In his famous Town Crier workshop, Michael encourages children to display their speaking/shouting skills: indeed, conducting a collective “oyez” or a cry of “three cheers” is always a winner not just with children but adults too.


Christenings, birthdays, retirements (even funerals) and especially lottery wins are occasions to add appropriate pomp and ceremony. In particular, the addition of a town crier at a wedding day walkabout or acting as MC at a reception will make your ‘special day’ one that will be especially remembered.

Three cheers for the bride and groom...

A wedding day walkabout.


Town criers hold gatherings throughout the world at which a welcome riot of noise and colour is displayed. With support from East Riding of Yorkshire Council to attend such gatherings, Michael has achieved notable success:

  • Three times World Champion
  • Five times British Champion
  • National Champion

Whilst Michael is proud to have won the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 British Championship held in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, he is particularly proud to have won the 2nd Millennium World Town Crier Championship in the year 2000 held in Gent, Belgium. This is a title he owns for a thousand years until the year 3000. Come the 3rd Millennium, the only way he can defend his title is to send a recording of his voice along with his ashes to wherever in the world it will be held!


See Michael’s website for his authored books

Michael Wood, Town Crier for East Riding of Yorkshire, three times World Champion and Britain's Loudest Competition Crier, often seen on BBC Look North and ITV Calendar news.

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